Our clients have always trusted us with their confidential data to handle their critical outbound communications. Increasingly they are trusting us to provide a secure environment to handle their inbound mail.

With the significant changes to the working environment that we have all experienced during the last two years, Integrity Connect have responded by providing additional services to our clients to support agile and hybrid working. The virtual post room and response handling services all support our clients, reducing the need to deploy staff into head office and enabling the shift to conversion of inbound documents into digital workflows.

Integrity Connect provide a virtual post-room service where all your incoming mail is re-directed to our site, where we will scan and upload documents to our secure Post Portal and then send out email notifications to the relevant recipients advising that they have new mail to access. With increasing numbers of our clients reducing their office opening hours and re-deploying staff to work remotely, Inbound from Connect allows clients to reduce the time and cost spent in receiving and redistributing their daily post.

Inbound also offers a secure response handling service for specific campaigns, providing a full suite of reporting tools in real time to update clients on progress.

The inbound mail service operates from within our secure ISO27001 accredited site and is managed by a dedicated and skilled team who understand the need for absolute confidentiality in processing sensitive mail. Work streams are set up and implemented to ensure inbound mail is correctly routed back to individuals or departments at the client organisation. Cherished documents can be identified and segregated to ensure they are safely returned to the sender. All mail is scanned and uploaded to the secure portal within hours of being received at our site.

The Inbound service from Connect is designed to provide a secure reliable centre for processing your mail and response services, at speed and with 100% reliability.

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