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Our purpose – to simplify the complex. Our Document automation platform builds workflows that enable document creation in a timely, accurate and compliant environment.

Consulting with you, we will identify workflows that currently require high levels of manual intervention, multiple data inputs and are often governed by regulatory requirements.

Document automation, sometimes referred to as document assembly, is the process of using systems or software to efficiently generate electronic documents at speed. It is essentially about automating the process of creating complex personalised documents on a large scale, without having to complete the time consuming manual tasks that are traditionally involved in volume document creation

We automate previously complex and cumbersome processes, stripping out the requirement for manual intervention and freeing up staff time. Creating robust templates we ensure compliance to legal and regulatory demands; data feeds are channelled through our secure file transfer systems and then processed on our Document Automation platform. The result is a seamless workflow that creates printed or electronic document outputs with minimal input required from our clients.

Document automation is a valuable tool in sectors that are required to send out legally compliant or regulatory documents. These will contain high levels of personal and specific transactional data that then drive differing legal clauses or regulated content. Connect work with a number of clients in the Social Housing, Local Government and Financial Services sectors delivering document automation solutions. The work has enabled our clients to significantly reduce the time needed to manage their regular mailings such as rent reviews, building work notifications, council tax billing and insurance renewals.

To learn more about how the team at Connect worked with PA Housing to deliver an effective document automation solution, you can read the case study.

Please also refer to our blog post that goes into more detail explaining how document automation can benefit organisations across a wide range of market sectors.

We have also created a brief video explainer – to take a look click here

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