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Direct mail is a great and effective way to communicate with your audience simply because it provides an intimate, in-person conversation which draws in the consumer. Here at Integrity Connect, we provide an unrivalled mailing service for clients sending out high volume direct mail work.

Direct mail can be an extremely effective, impressive and persuasive marketing tool for your business to use. Once you include it into your marketing strategy, it will enable you to engage and reach your target audience and insert your brand identity directly into their physical hands. With the use of a professional printing company such as ourselves, you can deliver Direct Mail securely, professionally and to a high-quality standard.


Web to print is a service that offers the printing of products online which helps companies maintain their printing activities faster and a lot more efficiently. With this fast and automated process you’ll be able to keep brand consistency and collect data. Gain control with the web to print by ordering exactly what you want and whenever you want it.

Mailing Services

Utilise our secure and accurate mailing service solutions to further your reach in an effective, highly targeted and creative manner. Build customer relationships and boost consumer loyalty by connecting with your segmented audience through the means of mailing.

Clarity Mail

Clarity Mail

Outsource your desktop mail all whilst increasing efficiency and reducing cost through clarity mail. With a same day process and an encrypted file transfer process, we are able to provide a fast and secure mailing service that is on a pay as you go basis so you’re aren’t tied into any contracts. Take advantage of postal discounts with this reliable, secure and responsive service.

Personalised and Creative Direct Mail Services

The design of direct mail can vary, whether you want a postcard, flyers, or more, we are able to create this physical correspondence for you to send to customers, no matter what industry you’re in. Direct mail has become important for a lot of businesses and industries, such as charities. It ensures that their message continues to have a big impact and invoke action, which you can read more about on our blog.

  • Direct mail is commercial literature sent to prospective consumers through the post.
  • Direct mail is interactive, customers can physically handle the mail and observe it.
  • It is memorable and personal. Getting letters in the mail can provide nostalgia and spark an emotional response.
  • It provides a larger reach and is engaging, especially if your audience is less likely to use social media or email.
  • It allows for you to get creative, with different design options and to really show your brand identity.
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The cost of direct mail varies depending on numerous factors such as postage the contents, printing costs, and more. Make sure to get in touch for a quote and more information on our direct mail service costs.

All of our services and products are safe to use as we make sure to barcode and effectively secure any mail sent. Our mail is fulfilled with 100% accuracy as we value security.

When sending our direct mail, you want to segment your lists into groups that you can reach with highly targeted and personalised content to gain the optimum response. Depending on demographics and if you’re trying to achieve new prospects or maintain consumer loyalty, you list should always be sectioned into one that is effective for that specific group.

Yes – personalised mailings are known to be very effective and create connections between the consumer and the brand. Within a competitive market, you need to make your customer feel special and create experiences, therefore personalisation is key to building a relationship and driving sales.

Direct mail can be sent to specific customers and prospects and as it is a physical mail it creates a connection with the consumer and avoids being lost in the junk mail. Direct mail can bring in a good response rate, especially if you pair it with an offer.