What is direct mail?

Direct mail marketing is a term commonly used to describe the practice of sending physical mail directly to customers or prospects. It encompasses a variety of tangible materials, including letters, leaflets, catalogs, postcards, and other physical documents or products. This approach enables businesses to reach their target audience in a personalised manner, allowing you to convey your message effectively.

Direct mail has proven to be an extremely effective, impressive, and persuasive marketing tool for businesses across various industries. It allows for creative and visually appealing designs which entices recipients to engage and respond to the materials. Resonate with your desired audience by tailoring your direct mail campaigns to certain demographics or customer segments.

We specialise in providing a comprehensive range of unrivalled mailing services for clients who send out high volumes of mail. As an established mail house we offer exclusive postage discounts and use our expertise to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we guarantee the production of your company's mail documents at the highest quality standards. From printing to distribution we handle every aspect of the direct mail process, simplifying the process for our clients.

Direct mail is useful when launching a new product or promoting a special offer. At Integrity Connect, we are committed to delivering exceptional mailing services that help your business thrive in a competitive marketplace. Trust us to handle your mailing needs with the utmost integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Direct Mail
Discover your target audience

Increase reach

Certain audiences are less likely to engage with social media or emails, making direct mail the perfect marketing strategy. Extend your marketing strategy beyond digital channels and work on a platform that will gain the best response from your customers. Direct mail offers a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression and stand out from the digital noise.

Creative designs

Get creative

Using physical mail allows you to provide your customers with memorable advertising materials whilst including a clear call to action. With many forms of communications available you can create a memorable design that represents your brand image. Different occasions call for different styles of advertising and with direct mail the sky is the limit.

Stand out from competitors

Less competition

With direct mail being a more traditional form of marketing, a lot of companies now overlook the power of physical mail. Lots of businesses leverage the power of social media and email marketing and forget to focus on highly intimate communications. By taking the time to create a memorable and highly personal campaign, it will speak volumes to your customers.

Call to action graphic

Call to action

Whether you’re running a digital or physical campaign, a call to action is a must have for any marketing campaign. A call to action is a selling point or reason for the customer to engage with your brand. For example, you could provide a QR code to allow customers to easily view your new product line. Instead, you could provide a discount code to prompt customers to make a new purchase.

Other options include providing physical products such as gift cards. You can even send unactivated gift cards which only have a monetary value after the recipient completes a survey.

Follow up SMS

Follow up

To generate a better response from your direct mail campaign, we recommended that you follow up using a different channel. This could be an SMS message, a phone call or an email, depending on what contact details you have available. This gives your campaign credibility and reminds customers of the message that you’re trying to send.

Digital communications

Digital Solutions

If traditional mail solutions don’t suit your target audience then there are plenty of digital options available. Emails are a very common marketing tactic and if you have a good mailing list they are usually a cheaper alternative. Social media can also be very effective for increasing website traffic and conversions. We don’t recommend limiting yourself when it comes to sharing your message – the more channels you can utilise, the better.

How can we help to level up your marketing efforts

Direct mail is still very important for lots of businesses and industries, including charities. It ensures that your message continues to have impact and invoke action. At Integrity Connect we have proven knowledge of running direct mail campaign, whether they be physical or digital. We can help you to level up your advertising in a way that reflects your brand values.

We process every piece of mail with the highest level of quality in mind. Our customer service team can provide a cost effective solution to increase your return on investment. Using our postal service guarantees a fast turnaround, whilst retaining the high quality mail products that our customers expect.

  • Direct mail is interactive, customers can physically handle the mail and observe it.
  • It is memorable and personal. Printed mail can provide nostalgia and spark an emotional response.
  • It provides a larger reach and is engaging, especially if your audience is less likely to use social media or email.
  • It allows for you to get creative, with different design options and really show your brand identity.

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The cost of direct mail varies depending on numerous factors such as postage the contents, printing costs.

The safety of your mail is our top priority. We include barcodes to effectively track all the mail that we process through our secure facility. This way we can provide 100% accuracy for every single piece of your mail.

Unlike email and SMS marketing campaigns, direct mail doesn’t require the recipient to opt-in. If you have a customers name and address you are able to use direct mailing for your communications.

Segmentation is important when composing a direct mailing list. The more segmented your list, the better knowledge you have of your recipient. Depending on demographics of your customer you can tailor your communication for better results.

By making your mailings personal it’s likely to grow the connection between the consumer and your brand. Create unique experiences that build relationships and drive sales within a competitive market.

Avoid your communications getting lost in junk mail and seize the power of physical print with direct mail. Increase your brand awareness and drive sales with effective marketing campaigns straight to your customers front door.