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At Integrity Connect we are experts in providing secure, eligible and compliant solutions. Whether it is to improve accuracy and efficiency or to target new prospects with segmentation and personalisation, we are able to deliver. We are able to provide our clients with a competitive edge with our unrivalled expertise and state-of-the-art technology, from our custom built web portal Onyx to our professional equipment. Make an impact with Integrity Connect.

Streamline your business communications with our secure and accurate mailing services from direct mail to web-to-print and Clarity Mail - our unique hybrid mailing solution. By utilising our various mailing services, you can further your reach in a highly targeted, effective and creative manner. We engage with our clients to ensure their campaigns reach large audiences with the optimum impact, gaining new prospects and building consumer loyalty.

With quick turn arounds on mailing campaigns and full personalisation options available, we have a mailing service to suit every business need. Take a deeper look into our mailing services below or get in touch with our customer service team to find the best solution for you. 

Mailing Services

Direct mail is an extremely effective, highly targeted and easily measurable marketing technique. Utilising this tool will enable you to engage and reach your target audience to insert your brand identity directly into their hands. From postcards to flyers, this commercial literature sent to perspectives can allow for a memorable and interactive experience with consumers.

Outsource your desktop mail all whilst increasing efficiency and reducing cost through Clarity Mail. With a same day process and an encrypted file transfer process, we are able to provide a fast and secure mailing service that is on a pay as you go basis so you’re not tied into any contracts. Take advantage of postal discounts with this reliable, secure and responsive service.

Web to print is a service that offers the printing of products online which helps companies maintain their printing activities in a  faster and more efficient manner. With this fast and automated process you’ll be able to maintain brand consistency and collect data. Gain control with the web to print by ordering exactly what you want, whenever you want it.

Partially addressed mail refers to a style of direct mail marketing used by companies to send promotional materials to targeted households. This GDPR-compliant method allows you to target specific postcodes based on current customer data. With a high engagement rate of 77%, partially address mail is a powerful tool for targeting potential customers. 

Transactional mail involves crucial correspondence from businesses, including invoices and statements, bearing essential information for recipients. It mainly focuses on delivering key facts and data efficiently and professionally, however, it can still be used as an opportunity to implement marketing materials.

Cheque mailing involves sending a physical paper cheque via mail to a recipient for payment purposes, typically after filling out the payee’s details, date, amount, and signing the cheque securely. It is a widely used method for making payments, including settling debts, paying bills, and covering rent. This traditional method offers a tangible and secure way to handle financial transactions.

A welcome pack is a package of information and items that a company provides to new customers, members, employees and prospects. They do this to greet them and introduce them to the company and the services they may provide. Welcome packs help to create a positive first impression and provide relevant information to build trust and a relationship between the business and the recipient.

Powerful mail solutions to enhance your customer communications

Our mailing services are much more cost-effective for your business and provide you with a stress-free service to unify your communications. Taking advantage of our mailing services will save your business time and money, which allows you and your staff members to focus on more valuable tasks within the workplace. 

As we are experts in the industry we have access to the latest technology and equipment and utilise our own portal (Onyx) which provides our clients with user friendly stock management, job tracking, insights and more. We have been working within the mailing industry for over 100 years with our parent company Integrity Print. Therefore, we are able to provide you with expert knowledge and insights with mailing from powerful and personalised direct mail campaigns to efficiently outsourcing your desktop mail with Clarity Mail. We retain our competitive advantage through our unique and high-quality solutions to deliver improved productivity with high-volume mailing.

  • Streamline your business communications by utilising our various mailing services that provide the utmost accuracy and ROI.
  • A more cost-effective service receiving the best and most efficient results at cheaper postage rates.
  • Improve accuracy with secure, highly targeted and personalised mailings.
  • As industry experts we have access to the latest equipment and custom built software.
  • A hassle and stress free service to free up staff time for more valuable work.

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Security is a top priority at Integrity Connect, and with all of our products and services we provide the utmost secure solutions to keep our clients safe and at ease. Our mailing facility is designed to keep your data safe and all mailings are fulfilled with 100% accuracy by utilising barcodes and enclosed measures.

All of our mail is sent tracked, barcoded and enclosed on automated mailing lines. As we are frontrunners in secure mailing solutions, keeping your mail secure is a top priority for us. Therefore, our automated mailing lines track each sheet of paper to ensure each letter is fulfilled with complete accuracy.

We have three main mailing services: direct mail, clarity mail and web-to-print. All of our mailing services are created to streamline your communication and provide highly effective and time-efficient services. 

Our professional mailing services have many benefits to improve your business, such as:

  • Cost-effective services to save your business money.
  • Efficient solutions to save your business time.
  • Highly targeted and segmented to connect with specific customers.
  • A wide range of personalisation options to make your mailing personal and keep them on-brand
  • Improved accuracy with automated mailing to reduce human error.
  • Access to Onyx, which is our custom built software.

Onyx is our own web portal which has been custom built by our in-house team to make our mail solutions accessible and easy to use for our clients. Our clients are able to use their own bespoke window and meet specific demands whilst configuring the user interface individually.