Why does your company need an app?

In a landscape where smartphones hold the spotlight, there is a need for apps in most business operations. We create mobile apps for a variety of purposes. We design our custom-built apps to streamline internal processes, simplifying operations and saving your company time and money. Mobile apps can also provide enhanced user experiences for your customers, improving relationships and increasing sales as a result.

Our team of in-house app developers specialise in creating custom innovative and scalable apps. By creating a bespoke app, we can solve your unique challenges and goals with precision. We can revolutionise the way you do business by harnessing cutting-edge technology and personalised solutions. Our apps can help your company to optimise efficiency and elevate user engagement.

Harnessing the power for creativity and technology, our team shapes each app to represent your businesses identity and vision. From the initial concept through to implementation, our rigid processes ensure your app in powerful - surpassing industry standards. Our custom built apps are completely adaptable ensuring that functionality can grow as your business needs develop. Our bespoke mobile app solutions offer a new era of efficiency, helping your business take a pivotal stride towards sustained success.

App Development

Our Mobile App Development Process

At Integrity Connect, our app developers help you to create a tailored and seamless experience for mobile users. Our development approach spans from the initial concept, assisting you to create a robust strategy for your app. We ensure you're utilising the relevant development platforms so that your mobile app is as powerful as it can possibly be.

We translate your essential business needs into software functions that simplifies your processes and supports your ongoing growth. Based on the scope of the project we outline your system requirement specifications for our mobile app developers to work from. We develop all our mobile apps in secure environments and perform regular back ups to protect your source code.

Testing and distribution is an essential part of our development process, checking functionality and ensuring usability. Following on from the development phase you'll be able to review and approve your app, ensuring it meets yours business needs. We will then distribute your mobile app to the App Store, Play Store and any other enterprise stores.

Once your app is live, we can ensure accurate measurement by using integrated analytics and feedbacks mechanisms within your app. We can create custom analytic dashboards that highlight key statistics for an ultimate performance overview.

  • Apps for internal business processes - Businesses can utilise apps to monitor and improve stock management, deliveries, timekeeping and task management.
  • Customer portals - Simplify customer inputs by creating a customer portal for uploading documents and streamlining information.
  • E-commerce apps - Make it easier than ever before for customers to buy products from your company. Combine content management, stock control and in-app purchases for the ideal sales platform directly on your customers mobile phones.

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