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Streamline processes and improved productivity with virtual room services providing both inbound and outbound mail. We are able to convert information into a digital format with the scanning and digitisation of inbound posts, creating a more organised workplace for your law team. Effective communication frees up staff time which allows high value staff to be deployed in other valuable work. With our office mail solutions you are able to reduce print and postage costs whilst delivering content rich and effective mail. All of this can be stored and go through our secure facility that is dedicated to handling confidential and sensitive documents with 24/7/365 CCTV and regular checks.

Effective communication in the workplace can promote trust and team member loyalty. When team leaders communicate thoughtfully and thoroughly with team members, it can make members feel valued and improve productivity. A trusting work environment can boost job satisfaction and enhance team member engagement.

  • Improve productivity with virtual post room services.
  • Convert information into digital format which boosts organisation in the workplace.
  • Reduce print and postage costs with our office mail solutions.
  • All sensitive documents are handled with the utmost security.
  • Build team member loyalty and a trusting work environment to enhance productivity.

Key benefits

 Free up staff time

Effective communications free up time for the staff, allowing them to focus on other valuable work. Using templates and automatically triggered communication is time efficient and powerful as you’re able to target audiences at specific times whilst your law team focuses on value-added work.

Cost effective

Communications can be a cost effective and powerful tool with a successful return on investment. Emails have shown to increase ROI year-over-year and are able to reach a large quantity of people from specific groups at minimal cost to your business.

Secure and accurate

Security and accuracy are valued highly at Integrity Connect which is carried out throughout all of our communications with various security measures such as barcoded and enclosed letters that are fulfilled with 100% accuracy. We are dedicated to handling important and sensitive information which is vital in sectors such as law.

Information Management

Avoid confusion and gain a more organised workspace when it comes to documents and information within the business. Effective communication and digitised information can route all documents where you are able to capture and analyse the management information to get a clearer picture and understanding.

Communicate Effectively

Instantly deliver important announcements and gather feedback across your law organisation to streamline your communication. Through effective communication you’re able to not only keep your business running smoothly but also work more efficiently. 

Build loyalty

Through effective communication you’re able to build loyalty not only with the workplace but also your clients. Communicating with staff or clients effectively, efficiently and with personalisation creates a relationship with the receiver. These elements can improve workplace relationships, boost productivity and make for a much more organised and thriving workplace.

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