What is Mail Sorting?

Mail sorting is the key to unlocking significant savings on postage costs—up to 30%, to be exact. At Integrity Connect, we specialise in customer communications, streamlining printing and posting processes to ensure optimal efficiency and reduced expenses for your business. 

As a full-service mail house, we cater to all your mailing needs, offering comprehensive mail fulfilment for contract and one-off mailings. Whether you require UK or international mailing services, Integrity Connect has you covered.

From simple letters to complex mailers with multiple inserts, we pride ourselves on being both cost-effective and quality-focused. With Integrity Connect, you can rest assured that your mailings will be handled with precision and care, delivering maximum impact while minimising expenses.

A key benefit of our mail sorting and mail mark process is that work is delivered to the Downstream Access provider or Royal Mail in a pre-approved format and can therefore be accelerated through the postal system. We work directly with Royal Mail to utilise online tracking of mail mark barcodes to enable customers to see the progress through the delivery network once it has left our factory. 

Mailing Services

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