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Clarity Mail has been designed to provide our clients with an agile solution for outsourcing their desktop mail. Our primary goal is to help you reduce costs and enhance efficiency with just a simple click.

Submitting your documents from your desktop is a breeze with our secure solution. We ensure the safety of your files by offering an encrypted file transfer process. Our flexible solutions give you the ability to upload documents from any location, ensuring convenience at every stage.

When you submit your documents before 5pm, Clarity Mail takes care of the entire process on your behalf. This includes the processing, printing, and mailing of your documents. Our high volume of secure mail processing enables our customers to access discounted rates for production printing and postal services.

With Clarity Mail you can experience seamless outsourcing of your desktop mail while enjoying cost savings, increased efficiency, and the peace of mind that comes with our secure and reliable service.

Clarity Mail
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What is hybrid mail?

Hybrid mail is a cheap and effective solution to sending out mail to your customers. You simply create your letter or document and upload it to our portal. We then print your documents and mail them to their desired location the same day.

Due to the high volume of mass mail delivered by Clarity Mail, you can get access to our exclusive mailing discounts. That’s what makes our hybrid mail solution cheaper and easier for all of our customers.

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What is Clarity Mail?

Clarity Mail is Integrity Connects bespoke hybrid mail platform. Also known as a “desktop to print” solution, it allows organisations to print and mail millions of letters at the click of a button. We’ve taken traditional hybrid mail and developed a solution that makes it even easier for our customers. With Clarity Mail you can send mass documents and letters in a streamlined way.

Our platform puts security first by using encryption. Additionally, we barcode and enclose all letters using automated mailing lines. These lines have the ability to track each sheet of paper individually, guaranteeing 100% accuracy in fulfilling every letter.

What are the benefits of Clarity Mail?

Clarity Mail is the simplest way to send mass mailings to your customers. With our secure software and facility you can ensure that all your data and communications are in safe hands.

You have the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go arrangement with our mailings, removing the need for contracts. Our hybrid mailing solution sets us apart from competitors, providing a seamless and trustworthy way to send your mail with complete confidence.

Outsource your desktop print and mail to our secure Clarity Mail service

Our Hybrid Mail solution allows clients sending a mix of single letters through to mail merge files of several thousand records. This enhanced capability along with our easy to use portal simplifies the entire mail process.

With Clarity Mail, you can trust in our dependable, secure, and responsive service. We go the extra mile by providing the option to include a postage paid Business Reply Envelope.

Any responses received through this method are promptly scanned and sent to you as electronic copies. This convenient feature, known as Clarity Response, ensures that you stay informed and connected with your recipients.

Physical mail is still extremely important for lots of businesses. However, for large businesses physical print can be time consuming and expensive. We can help you send letters and reduce postage costs. Our aim is to help you enhance your customer communications.

Outsource your desktop mail whilst reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

  • Submit documents through our encrypted file transfer process.
  • Same day Clarity Mail process, print and mailing.
  • A pay as you go based service.
  • Securely barcoded and enclosed letters on automated mailing lines.
  • Save money and time compared to other mailing services.
  • Suitable for small, medium or large files

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With our Clarity Mail service, you can pay as you go, meaning you aren’t tied to any contract or licence. Pricing can vary depending on variables, so make sure to get in touch for more accurate prices for our services.

Everything is backed up and we are able to provide you with a usage report which shows the departments and individuals that have used Clarity Mail.

As all of our products and services, we value security and Clarity Mail doesn’t miss out on that. With our securely barcoded and enclosed measures on all the letters are fulfilled with 100% accuracy.

We have created a simple user guide for Clarity Mail which you’re able to read through to optimise it to the best of your ability. Feel free to get in touch with further questions.

All letters are barcoded and enclosed on automated mailing lines. These lines track each sheet of paper to ensure your letters are fulfilled with 100% accuracy.