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Automating documents is a process of using software to efficiently generate electronic documents without manual intervention. Using a document automation software allows you to save time and reduce errors by auto-populating data and streamlining workflows. With an automated process in place you can increase productivity and capacity.

We provide a powerful document automation platform that builds workflows that enable document creation in an accurate and compliant environment. 

We can identify processes that involve a lot of manual labor and locate processes that involve multiple data inputs. We can also identify processes that are limited by regulations.

We aim to simplify your complex processes with our secure, efficient and powerful document automation platform.

With various integration options we can choose fields within your document that need to be personalised to match your customers requirements. With the ability to plugin to third-party data sources, this GDPR compliant method is 100% error free.

Document Automation
Document automation

What Documents Can You Automate?

Document automation software can be used to create a huge range of documents depending on your company’s requirements. Document automation is commonly used for contracts, proposals, agreements, reminders or Q&As, especially in high value businesses. Law firms, financial institutions, and insurance companies often use automated document creation. If there are errors in documentation, it could lead to major legal or financial consequences.

CRM Integration

Integration Options

Our powerful document automation software allows integrations with your existing softwares and databases. Information can be pulled from multiple sources such as CRM systems, analytics or content repositories to produce top quality documents. Accuracy is key especially with highly regulated industries in order to prevent violations. Your documents can contain all the necessary information while still being tailored and personalised to a particular customer or client. Furthermore, the tone, language, and formatting of the document can be tailored to fit the individual’s needs, making it more likely that the customer or client will be satisfied with the outcome.

Sending Emails

Quick & Secure Document Sharing

In fast-paced environments you need a document solution that can keep up. Using our secure platform your documents are completely protected and can be generated and shared within minutes of having the data inputted to the system. When requiring an action from a client such as a signature on a legal document, speed is key to ensuring success. Our secure processes are also used within the healthcare industry to ensure data laws are complied to when sending documents with highly confidential information. 

What to look for in a document assembly service

The key to a successful document automation process is the bespoke adaptations available to clients. This way they can assemble their documents in a way that suits their needs. This varies between industries, so it’s important that the automation is adaptable. 

Creating robust templates we ensure compliance to legal and regulatory demands. Data feeds are channelled through our secure file transfer systems and then processed on our Document Automation platform. This results in a seamless workflow that creates printed or electronic documents.

A document assembly service should, therefore, offer a tailored solution that meets the unique needs of the client. It should also provide a secure environment for data transfer and document processing.

Additionally, the document automation platform should have the capability to generate printable and digital documents. This ensures that all documents are compliant with legal and regulatory requirements. Finally, the document assembly service should include features that allow customers to easily adapt the documents to their specific requirements.

  • Mobile Access - We know that sometimes things need to happen whilst you’re on the move, so we ensure that our automation software isn't limited just to desktop users. Log on using your mobile device and you now have the ability to generate documents from wherever you are. 
  • Analytics & Reporting - Performance monitoring allows you to see the benefits of the automation process and adapt it as needed to further improve the services efficiency.
  • Eliminate the need for manual intervention that take much longer and allow for mistakes
  • Utilise robust templates to create seamless workflows that create printed or electronic document outputs
  • Take advantage of document automation as it requires minimal input from you as you reap the many benefits

Document Automation Blogs

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Document automation is the process of using software and systems to efficiently generate electronic documents at a much faster speed than manually. Doing so allows for less error, more spare time for high value work and it is crucial in a lot of sectors.

Document automation works by using an automated template which then allows users to pull various amounts of data and text from different sources and proceed to insert them into the predefined areas. These templates can include various data from text to more sophisticated elements such as graphs, tables and images. 

Document automation is a bonus to most industries especially ones that contain complex information such as legal documents, but the ones it is most used for are:

  • Media
  • Retail Estate
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Finance
  • Law Firms
  • Logistics

Document automation is crucial for most companies and has a list of great benefits, including:

  • Saving time
  • Secure data all stores in one safe place
  • Less human error
  • Cost effective
  • Easy access to documents in one place
  • Collaboration reach
  • Increased profits

The cost of this may vary depending on the amount of data your business would need to store and other variables, for a more concise quote get in contact with us today.