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According to Finder, 86% of UK adults own a Smart Phone, with Brits spending an average of 2 hours and 34 minutes on their phones every day. These stats are important, as they show that SMS marketing is still very relevant and can have extremely effective results. We can deliver highly personalised, content rich communications that are easily configured and optimised to be delivered with our SMS outbound services, which is built around our Quadient Inspire document composition software. 

SMS is very powerful, providing your customers with offers and updates directly to their mobile device. Common uses for SMS marketing include updates on a customers order or delivery or for sending over voucher codes, offers or promotions. SMS marketing communications have an open rate of 98%, meaning of all the text messages you send nearly every single message will be opened and viewed its intended recipient.

Unlike email marketing you're not able to add fancy subjects or images so it's important to keep your messages short and sweet - however this means most customers will read your message in its entirety. We can help you to come up with a powerful SMS marketing strategy to grow your SMS mailing list and give advice on how best to structure your SMS campaigns. 

SMS Marketing
Urgent SMS Updates

Urgent Updates

The best way to communicate an urgent message to your customer is via SMS. Over 90% of SMS recipients open their text messages within 3 minutes of delivery, meaning your message is received quickly and clearly. Making sure your message is delivered and read swiftly can save you time internally when it comes to information about events, appointments or deliveries, and saves your team from having to manually ring each customer individually to update them. Our SMS Marketing service allows for segmentation and lists connected to various databases, so you can make sure your messages get through to the right people at the right time. 

SMS Marketing Offers

Promotions and Offers

If you have a short-span promotion to offer to your loyal customers, what better way to communicate this than via an SMS message. This could be as simple as a discount code, or a short message with a link to a promotional webpage. Letting your customers know about the limited-time offer makes them feel valued and ensures they don’t miss out on their favourite products or services. Opting to use SMS rather than e-mail means your customer is over 300% more likely to see the promotional message, increasing the awareness of your campaign and sales from it. 

SMS Reminder

Appointment reminders

SMS marketing has long been the go-to channel for appointment reminders and is utilised by many industries including healthcare services, banking and personal-care services such as hairdressers and nail salons. This can be a fully automated SMS service where your customer gets an initial text message upon booking the appointment, as well as a follow up reminder a certain number of days before the appointment. This will reduce the number of people who forget or turn up late to their appointment, as they’ve had it communicated to them clearly and effectively several times beforehand.

Delivering the right message at the right time

At Integrity Connect, we work with clients who operate in highly regulated environments, so our outbound systems such as SMS are designed to be fully auditable to ensure we deliver absolute peace of mind when handling data. 

Our SMS services allow you to reach a larger number of people at the same time, instantly. As consumers always have a phone on hand, it allows for easy communication and a wide consumer reach. SMS is a great channel to not only reach larger numbers of prospects and customers, it is also a great channel to engage and build consumer loyalty by offering promotions and loyalty schemes. With the ability to personalise your SMS to reach a selective audience, you’re able to grab their attention and create a relationship between your brand and the customer.

  • Deliver highly personalised, content rich communications
  • Utilise a direct, immediate channel to reach a wide audience instantly
  • Keep brand consistency with converting your identity and tone of voice through SMS
  • Engage existing customers and explore new audiences with high reachability and low cost
  • Receive accurate results as our systems are fully auditable and highly regulated

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SMS marketing messages have an open rate of over 98%. On top of this, 90% of SMS communications are opened within 3 minutes of delivery. This means that your message gets to your intended recipient quickly and efficiently.

The open rate and click through rate for SMS marketing far exceeds that of email marketing, according to figures your SMS message is over 300% more likely to be opened and engaged with in comparison to an email communication. As many as 50% – 80% of emails are classed as spam, where as the opt-in rate for SMS marketing has a far lower average spam rate.

No, images are not able to be included within SMS marketing messages, which is why it is important you deliver highly targeted, personalised and effective messages purely through powerful text. 

The average response rate for SMS marketing is around 45%, meaning anything higher than this would be considered a good response rate. This is much higher than other channels such as email communications where the average response rate is around 8%.

SMS marketing is extremely affordable and has a very high success rate. You can send out mass mailing for promotions or automated, personalised SMS messages depending on your needs. Through powerful software you can segment users and add in personal details such as name, number, email address, orders or appointment times to ensure the communications they receive from you are relevant and personalised to their individual needs.

Due to limitations under GDPR you must first gain a customer’s consent to add them to your mailing list – whether this is SMS, email or physical mail. This can be done at first contact when they give you their personal details, or you can have opt-in forms on your website and cross-channel communications where users can give their consent to receiving SMS marketing communications from your company.