Clarity Mail

Clarity Mail is Integrity Connects Hybrid Mail Service. We deliver this to our clients on a pay as you go basis, there is no licence or contract, with clients sending a mix of single letters through to mail merge files of several thousand records. Switch to Clarity Mail for a streamlined Hybrid Mailing experience. 

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a great and effective way to communicate with your audience simply because it provides an intimate, in-person conversation which draws in the consumer. We provide personalised and creative Direct Mail Services – streamline your direct mail with us.


The Integrity Connect Web to Print service allows clients to engage with us online, at a time and a place of their choosing. It is well suited to clients who have regular mailings using standard templates. With our custom Onyx Web Portal, it make’s your mailing process as easy as clicking a button. 


SMS Marketing is a very efficient way to keep in contact with your customers, sending offers and updates directly to their mobile device. We can help you to create effective campaigns including personalisation for the best response. 


We work with our clients to ensure that their campaigns gain maximum impact and reach the largest target audience. We offer multichannel communications that integrate with your current systems to streamline the mailing process.

App Development

Our apps are built in-house with our development team who have a depth of knowledge across a variety of software platforms. Our in-house team is available to create bespoke software solutions that meet very specific client needs.

Document Automation

Document automation is the process of using certain systems or software to efficiently generate electronic documents at a much faster speed, which essentially automates the process of creating documents at a larger scale for your business.

Bespoke Software

Improve efficiency, organisation and scalability for your business with bespoke software expertly crafted by our in-house development team. We identify areas you seek to improve to provide advanced communications and greater operational efficiency.

Partially Addressed Mail

Partially addressed mail is a  a style of direct mail marketing used by companies to send promotional materials to targeted households. This GDPR-compliant method allows you to target specific postcodes based on current customer data. 

Integrity Connect will help solve your business challenges

Integrity Connect is a client led business that enables organisations to both connect and communicate with their customers and stakeholders efficiently and effectively across a range of channels.

We use our design and content expertise to bring customer communications to life. We work in partnership to drive digital transformation, creating highly personalised communications that work across different outbound platforms ensuring you can deliver channel choice to your target audience.

The culture at Connect is one of solving business challenges, working with our clients to improve process and enhance customer experience. The team at Connect are passionate about building strong partnerships in order to deliver outstanding service.

With a well funded investment strategy, Connect ensures that our clients have access to market leading technologies that deliver innovation, cost savings and best in class service.

Communication – Evolved, Enhanced, Engaged



Integrity Connect – Investing in client solutions

Integrity Connect is the secure print and fulfilment division of the £55m turnover Integrity Print Ltd 

With annual revenues of £7m, the division has a well-funded investment strategy to ensure our clients have access to market leading technologies that deliver innovation, cost savings and best in class service.

The production of critical outbound communications demands constant investment in both software and hardware to ensure that we are able to meet our clients needs for robust data security, flexible and adaptive working processes, high levels of quality assurance and accurate reporting, while continuing to manage costs and mitigate postal cost increases.

Financial stability and a proven performance track record has ensured that Integrity has maintained excellent access to investment capital to support our strategic technology development programme during turbulent times for the print industry.

During 2020-2021 the division invested over £2m in inkjet printing technology and mail sortation equipment. This has given our clients access to high speed, full colour personalisation enabling reduced lead times, and the capability to fast track outbound mail into the postal system closer to the point of delivery while achieving additional postal discounting.

Our clients benefit from a continued drive for production efficiency, supported by innovation in delivering channel choice to their customers.


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