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At Integrity Connect, we take immense pride in providing an unrivalled transactional mail service defined by professionalism and unwavering trust. We understand the significance of clear and concise communication in the modern business landscape, and our expert team is dedicated to ensuring that your transactional mail is dispatched with the highest levels of precision and reliability. 


With our service, you can trust that your important mail, like invoices, receipts, and crucial account details, will reliably and promptly reach your recipients. We use advanced technology and careful attention to make sure your messages are not only delivered but also reflect your brand's integrity.


Transactional Mail

What is transactional mail?

Transactional mail involves crucial correspondence from businesses, including invoices and statements, bearing essential information for recipients. It mainly focuses on delivering key facts and data efficiently and professionally, however it can still be used as an opportunity to implement marketing materials.

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Why use physical mail in a digital world?

Physical mail is still used as there are many benefits to it with transactional mail. These range from customer preferences, limited internet access to some customers or areas, legal requirements, accessibility for diverse populations, trust and credibility, avoiding email issues, verification needs, security and privacy concerns as well as great marketing opportunities. 

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Why do businesses need transactional mail?

Businesses offering transactional mail enjoy clear communication, trust-building, and legal compliance. It can boost customer loyalty, generate revenue, and maintain accurate records. The security and wider reach of transactional mail are advantages. In a crowded digital world, physical mail stands out. It strengthens customer relations and compliance, contributing to business success.

The benefits of transactional mail

Transactional mail offers a range of benefits for businesses. It provides effective, paper-based communication that is easier to reference and can leave a lasting impression. It's essential in contexts where legal compliance demands physical documentation and can be seen as more trustworthy and credible, especially for sensitive matters. Transactional mail reaches a broader audience, including those with limited digital access, reducing digital overload, and offering privacy and security.


Personalised physical transactional mail provides customers with a feeling of value and security. The tangible, customised approach nurtures trust and leaves a lasting impression, establishing a meaningful connection with customers.


Transactional mail can serve as a direct marketing tool when designed strategically, incorporating personalised offers and promotional materials. It's less vulnerable to technological failures, ensuring message delivery even during internet disruptions. Lastly, it's easy to archive and maintain records, which is crucial for audits, tax compliance, and historical reference.

  • Transactional mail delivers essential business correspondence efficiently and professionally
  • Businesses benefit from transactional mail by improving communication, trust, customer loyalty, revenue generation, and legal compliance
  • Transactional mail offers effective paper-based communication, legal compliance, and a trustworthy, credible image, reaching a broad audience
  • Personalised physical transactional mail nurtures trust, establishes meaningful connections with customers, and serves as a direct marketing tool
  • Transactional mail remains reliable even during internet disruptions, making it less vulnerable to technological failures and ensuring message delivery
  • Transactional mail reduces digital overload and ensures privacy and security. This makes it accessible to a broader audience, including those with limited digital access

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Transactional mail refers to essential communications sent by businesses to individuals or customers, typically in response to a specific transaction or interaction.

Common examples include invoices, statements, order confirmations, receipts, account updates, and shipping notifications.

Transactional mail is crucial for maintaining customer relationships, providing critical information, and facilitating financial transactions.

Yes, transactional mail primarily serves informational and transactional purposes, while promotional or marketing mail is designed to promote products or services.

Yes, personalisation is a common practice in transactional mail to make communications more relevant and engaging.

Benefits include cost-effective communication, improved customer satisfaction, accurate record-keeping, and the ability to drive additional business through cross-selling or upselling.