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At Integrity Connect we have an experienced team that can work with you to create highly effective direct mail campaigns. We recognise that your campaigns need to have impact and deliver a strong return on investment. To support you in achieving these goals we offer a creative design service, source contact data, provide data cleansing and segmentation, high quality print and fulfilment, postal management and VAT mitigation advise. 

Our account management team will handle all aspects of production for you and can advise on the most effective direct mail campaigns.

Data Services - data sourcing and cleansing, indexing, and new data acquisition

Door drops - a cost effective way to raise campaign awareness.

Partially Addressed Mail - competitively priced postal service, allowing scalable campaigns with granular targeting at a local level.

Fully Addressed Mail - Highly personalised direct mail, allowing 1-2-1 marketing with variable content.

  • Impactful creative design to bring your message alive
  • Content and layout consultancy to ensure clear and coherent communications
  • Providing correctly targeted and cleansed data
  • High quality print production
  • Postal management to ensure lowest possible mailing rates
  • Experienced in dealing with VAT mitigation

Key benefits

Creative Design

Our graphic design team will spend time with you to understand your values and and your creative brief and then come up with high impact designs that speak to your target audience. With years of experience working on client campaigns for charities of all sizes, we have developed a good sense of what works well for different audiences. Our design team work hand in glove with our production team to ensure that designs will work well on your chosen materials and that they will be suited to the most efficient production channels.

We understand that a successful campaign needs to be creative, and that your designs need to stand out and capture the recipients interest immediately. We invest time in putting brilliant designs at the heart of your marketing campaigns in order to ensure you get the best possible return on investment. As specialists in multi-channel delivery we ensure that the designs we create for your campaigns will be equally compelling and consistent across all forms of print and electronic media.

Content and Layout Consultancy

It is critical that any messaging used in direct marketing campaigns is clearly laid out on the page, and positioned to draw the eye to the key calls to action. Our team are highly experienced in creating well designed communications that are eye-catching and engaging. We are experienced with working with Royal Mail's eye tracking software that scientifically analyses how the reader looks at the content of a letter, identifying the areas where key messages will be seen immediately on engaging with the marketing piece.

Our creative and content teams work closely together to ensure great design and powerful copy are seamlessly blended together for maximum impact to deliver an engaging marketing campaign

Postal Management

We are an approved supplier to Royal Mail and have a partnership agreement with Down Stream Access provider Whistl to ensure we can provide market leading postage costs. We also support clients in the charity sector to gain access to Agency agreements with our providers to ensure they maximise their savings. We are able to offer a range of postal service options:

  • 1st and 2nd Class mail posted on account
  • Business Mail™
  • Advertising Mail™
  • Sustainable® Advertising Mail
  • Advertising Mail™ with Response
  • Mailmark™

With our own in-house mail sortation machine we also ensure that your mail is swiftly and efficiently processed once handed over to the postal distribution network

Print Production

Integrity Connect have litho, inkjet and digital print capability in house. Our state of the art inkjet production lines give unrivalled access to competitive white paper solutions - allowing clients to print and personalise their campaigns in one process. This has significant impact on the cost per pack but also enables our clients to change messaging through a production run - delivering true one to one communications.

Warm appeals, 

Individual Giving Mailings

Supporter journey and donor retention


Data Sourcing and Cleansing

Good quality and well targeted data will decrease your production costs and increase your return on investment. We work with industry leading partners to help you source data that will work effectively for you.

VAT Mitigation

We are experienced in working with charities and can advise how best to comply with VAT requirements on outbound mailing campaigns.


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