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Our client is a major player in the global pharmaceutical market and had a strategic objective to build a secure e-billing solution for its European customer base.

Integrity have been providing a paper-based billing solution to the client since 2010. The client’s challenge to us was to deliver an e-billing solution that was compliant with EU regulations for the distribution of electronic invoices, adhered to GDPR requirements for data security and could integrate with existing customer Electronic Data Interchange systems. The regulatory nature of the pharmaceutical industry and the potentially sensitive contents of the transactional documents required a solution that did not simply email pdfs to a
customer’s email address.

A full suite of reporting tools have been made available to the client, allowing them to track open rates on outbound emails. A key element of the project has been to deliver clear reports
that allow the client to ensure documents are reaching clients and being acted upon. Business rules are built into the system to ensure that invalid email address or in-opened emails are
switched to a paper-based channel with alerts to the client’s customer service team to update or correct billing information.

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The implementation of the E-billing solution by the Connect team has been transformative. They have simplified a chaotic process and are now a critical part of our supply chain.

 – Margaret K, Director of Customer Experience

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