Powerful communication solutions for local government

Effective communications are a benefit to any sector, especially within the local government. Communication is vitally important for this sector, especially in times of emergency. Having a communication channel, such as social media, in which to quickly and effectively communicate with people is important. At Integrity Connect, we have experience within the sector as we provide all parking and enforcement services for 30 councils. For 50 councils, we have worked to deliver electoral services print, and for 10 councils we have produced council tax revenues and benefits. We are able to provide delivery of printed communications that are critical for revenue generation or for metal legal obligation within local government. Our effective communications provide high standards of performance against measured service level agreements. 

  • Delivery of printed communications that are critical for revenue generation.
  • High standards of performance against measured service level agreements.
  • Valuable experience of working with the sector in many areas.
  • Understanding of regulatory and legal compliant documents.
  • Protecting reputation and addressing announcements effectively and efficiently.

Key benefits

Improved public impression

It is important in local government to have a good reputation in terms of communicating both internally and with clients and the public. A strong public impression can help attract prospects to the company and even increase interest. With our efficient and effective communication tools, you are able to address the public or staff with ease, sending out information or even gathering data quickly.

Transparency and accountability

With the evolution of technology and access to information, transparency is becoming key. Companies and governments are expected to be held accountable and connecting with people is much easier to do with effective communication. With the right communication tools, you’re able to increase transparency and accountability by communicating directly to your audience.

Increased productivity

By providing businesses and staff with the tools to work effectively and confidently such as professional communication allows for better workflow. Streamlining business processes with communication increases productivity by completing manual jobs at a faster pace with less human error. Staff who are more engaged in their roles and up to date with what is happening in the workplace through efficient communication are more understanding of their roles and duties. This combats any distractions or confusion within the workplace, allowing employees to be more engaged and productive.

Secure Solutions

At Integrity Connect we value security highly and throughout all of our work and communications it is something that we have implemented in all aspects. Through accurate communication we aim to keep everything safe and secure through measures such as enclosed letters that are fulfilled with 100% accuracy, barcodes and more security features. We are dedicated and trusted to handle sensitive and important information.

Expert teams

Our expert teams are very experienced and have accumulated a depth of knowledge across various sectors. This allows us to not only have established experience within the local government which we have done years of work for in many areas, but also streamline your communications with ease. From parking enforcement to council tax revenues, we are able to work with many different points within local government in an effective and efficient manner.

Information Management

As there is a lot of data within the local government it is important to avoid confusion or error. Therefore, creating a more organised workspace with printed and digitised documents and information within the business is a benefit we are able to supply. Gain a clearer understanding and picture of the data that you are able to analyse and store in a secure manner.

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