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Clear, honest and effective communication is vital in healthcare. Accurate communication in healthcare assures correct diagnoses and treatment decisions. This is similar for clear communication between members of a healthcare team, which results in effective and accurate care without breaching confidentiality.

At Integrity, we are able to provide healthcare businesses with effective methodology for delivering patient communications. With robust management of confidential data and personal information, we are able to provide excellent security within our communications. The healthcare industry is able to benefit from multiple different communications channels. One channel of communication used is hybrid mail, which is able to save time and money in the sector. Utilising hybrid mail drives down internal costs and delivers flexibility whilst saving staff time. No matter which channels you use, we have the ability to integrate with various platforms to provide excellent communication solutions such as SMS and letter reminders. 

  • Our communications result in accurate care without breaching confidentiality.
  • Effective methodology for delivering patient communications.
  • We offer hybrid mail solutions that drive down internal costs and deliver flexibility.
  • Save time and money with clear, concise and effective communication.
  • With the ability to integrate with multiple communication platforms, we’re able to deliver SMS and letter reminders.

Key benefits

Improve internal teamwork

Effective communication can improve internal teamwork as messages are delivered clearly and concise to avoid any miscommunication or error. This allows for the workflow to run smoothly, which can then boost productivity and employee satisfaction. With improvements made to internal teamwork and collaboration, injuries can be prevented and trust will be increased between the patient and the worker. This can strengthen relationships with internal staff members and improve team-based healthcare delivery for patients.

Saves money and times

With the use of efficient communication, the healthcare sector is able to save time and money by utilising methods such as hybrid mail. This can drive down internal costs and free up staff time to focus on more valuable work. As communications can streamline your processes it makes sure work is completed at a faster rate with concise and effective messaging, whilst avoiding errors that can cost the business. 

Improved patient satisfaction

Strong communications within the healthcare sector can alter the patient’s perception of the quality of care they recieve, creating a much more positive experience for them. Effective communication decreases patient complaints and readmissions as staff will all be in constant communication which creates smooth operations. Poor communication can cause delay in treatment, falls, medication errors and adverse events, which can all be prevented. It is important that patients feel valued and safe, which can be achieved with effective communication solutions.

Integrated communications

Integrated communication within healthcare makes sure that the communication aligns with the business objectives. It considers the right targeted audience, how to best approach them and where to communicate to engage patients and move the business forward smoothly. We are able to provide the right message at the right time, through the correct channel with the appropriate voice to reach audiences with ease. An example of this can be through letters and SMS messaging to send reminders to patients within healthcare. Creating a connected community with integrated communication is vital and needed in a sector such as healthcare to keep patients safe and informed.

Build patient loyalty

With clear communication you’re able to create important relationships with patients to keep them updated and informed on their healthcare experience and situation. Keeping communication with patients builds loyalty and puts them at ease within the healthcare sector, allowing them to feel comfortable to come back. It is important patients feel comfortable and loyal to healthcare businesses so they don’t avoid it which can result in illnesses being untreated and undiagnosed.

Tracking changes in healthcare

Understanding concerns and needs of a patient allows staff to target their communication and strategies towards specific patient preferences through personalised and targeted channels. This allows for the tracking of patient progress regularly. Effective communication lets staff measure deviations in real-time and forward results onto the workplace team. This reduces physical and emotional distress with frequent checks and concise communication.


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