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Utilise white paper solutions which allow highly targeted variable messaging, creating and building a powerful communication that is designed for your individual audiences using segmentation. With safe and reliable communication, we are able to deliver print that will play an important part in the marketing mix to build consumer relationships and brand loyalty. Here at Integrity Connect, we have the ability to produce highly personalised and content rich direct mail campaigns to build client acquisition as well as transactional communications that continue the customer journey. This is done with using the same tone of voice and branding to keep your brand consistent and spread brand awareness to consumers, all through working with marketing and operations teams.

  • White paper solutions that allow highly targeted variable messaging.
  • Powerful and personalised communications.
  • Mixed marketing to build brand loyalty and awareness.
  • Instilling a positive brand image into consumer eyes with consistent communications.
  • Client acquisition and transactional communications that continue the customer journey.

Key benefits

Optimise the customer journey

Customer journey optimization is extremely important in the modern digital world and it can be a powerful tool for financial brands. A successful customer journey can lower marketing costs, increase conversions and boost customer satisfaction. Developing a better customer journey can also help you understand your company’s interactions with your customers and develop strategies for improvements.

Personalised for individual audiences

With targeted and personalised content you’re able to segment your customers into individual audiences based on their preferences and demographics. Doing this allows you to connect with your audience and provide rich content that is crafted directly for them. Personalisation is a powerful and key tool in modern communications which allows the receiver to feel special and make the subject resonate with them. This is the perfect opportunity to drive engagement within the communications to cultivate a strong foundation of trust between the company and the customer, building consumer loyalty.

Client acquisition

Acquiring new customers is critical to developing a foothold in the financial market as new clients bring in more income. The cost of acquiring new customers has increased 60% in the last six years, so having excellent communication solutions for your business is vital.

Brand consistency

Brand consistency is very important and it is how a customer identifies your company and your core values which results in building trust with your customers. By utilising consistent branding that embodies the meaning and tone of your brand, you will increase your brand value and create connections with consumers by instilling a positive brand image into their eyes.

Obtain valuable consumer insights

Having strong communication with customers can gather valuable consumer insights and provide your financial business with the opportunity to better personalise and tailor your services to the wants, needs and demands of your customers. This will allow you to track metrics in communications such as emails, texts and app usage, which in turn can provide you with customer feedback using mechanisms such as widgets and surveys.

Brand Awareness

Businesses are able to utilise marketing techniques such as print and emails to build consumer relationships and make customers more aware of their brand. With developed communication solutions you’re able to build your brand awareness, recognition and identity  by connecting with customers and providing creative and informative services. As a business you can acclimate your customers with your services and brand using effective frequency.


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