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At Integrity Connect, we focus on making your email marketing campaigns effective and efficient. Our services are designed to ensure your campaigns reach the right audience with maximum impact. We offer multichannel communication solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, simplifying the mailing process.

Email marketing plays a vital role in business strategies. It serves as a direct and cost-effective marketing strategy to engage with your audience, building relationships and conversions. What sets email marketing apart is its ability to deliver personalised content and offers that resonate with individual interests and needs. 

Email services provide the advantage of measurable results, allowing you to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and make informed improvements as needed. In an era where consumer attention spans are short, and competition is growing, email marketing remains a dependable tool for fostering brand trust, driving revenue, and maintaining meaningful connections with your customers.

In addition to traditional physical mail, we also handle digital communications like emails and SMS. Our automated email services utilise your database to personalise and tailor communications to your customers. This personalisation ensures your messages are relevant and engaging. Choose Integrity Connect to optimise your communication strategy and reach your audience where they are most responsive.

Email Marketing

Email marketing solutions play an important role in aiding your brand build and nurture valuable relationships with your audience. With Integrity Connect, you are able to send out tailored and targeted email campaigns that are designed to build personal connections, ensuring that your customers feel valued and engaged. This helps you to grow consumer loyalty, increased trust and brand awareness.

Our email marketing services are designed to drive conversions and boost sales for your business. We use effective strategies to help promote your products or services, whilst creating personalised content for your audience. This can be done through promotions, discounts and highly targeted content.

Email marketing required comprehensive analytics and data to create personalised and targeted content to segmented audiences. This allows you to create those meaningful relationships with your customers that fosters brand loyalty. By tracking key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates and more, the insights gathered are able to be used to make informed decisions. These decisions can refine your future email marketing strategy for improved results and engagement.

Highly personalised and content rich digital mailing to boost your communications

Harness the power of email marketing to effectively connect with a tailored audience through strategic segmentation, ensuring the highest probability of success while simultaneously gaining valuable insights into your ideal customer profile. Our commitment to security is key, especially as we partner with clients operating in tightly regulated and secure sectors. Rest assured, your data is handled with the utmost care, with our outbound systems carefully designed to be fully auditable.

By utilising email as your communication method, your marketing list will comprise individuals who have willingly opted in to receive correspondence from either you or your organisation. This approach fosters a more non-intrusive means of interaction, allowing recipients the freedom to engage with your content at their convenience and will.

  • Emailing is content rich, highly personalised and effective.
  • Maintain consistent branding and tone of voice, creating a connection with consumers.
  • Highly regulated environment and fully auditable.
  • Deliver highly targeted messaging with segmentation and crafted content.
  • Build consumer loyalty and drive traffic in a non-intrusive and cost effective manner

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Email marketing is used to deliver important information that is content rich and personalised to drive sales, improve brand loyalty and build a community around your brand. Through the use of segmentation, personalisation and consent you’re able to target customers that are actually open to digest your business and the information you’re providing. 

Email marketing is able to build credibility with your brand as well as boost brand recognition and sales. Through targeted and personalised content, you’re able to build stronger customer relationships and increase traffic to your website. Whilst it is time and cost efficient, it is also highly effective and can provide valuable customer insights and data to help you learn what works.

The ROI on email marketing is good, and according to an eMarket study, the average email marketing ROI is 122% which is one of the strongest digital marketing channels. Email ROI continues to be high, for every $1 marketers spend, they receive $36 in return according to Litmus.

With regular use of emails, you will over time build up the knowledge and metrics of what works and recognise where you’re able to improve. With emails you’re able to gather data by tracking click-through rates and conversions which allows you to acknowledge where you can make adjustments to improve your products, services and email effectiveness. 

Our prices vary depending on numerous factors, therefore it is better to contact us to get a more client specific quote. However, emailing is usually a more cost-effective approach which can be just as effective, especially if you’re a small business. Getting the most out of your money is very important for small businesses on a limited budget, and return on investment for email marketing has been shown to increase year-on-year. Emails are able to reach a large quantity of people from specific groups at minimal cost to you or your business, becoming a very powerful marketing and communication tool.