Web to Print

The Integrity Connect Web to Print service allows clients to engage with us on line, at a time and a place of their choosing. It is well suited to clients who have regular mailings using standard templates.

We have built our own platform, the Onyx Web Portal, that is a secure on line platform and document repository. Clients are given secure access to their own bespoke window into Onyx. The user interface can be configured individually to meet the specific demands of each of our clients.

The Web to Print solution is deployed in three main areas.

Stock Management

For a number of clients we hold stock items of both printed material and non-print products. A client can access Onyx to place a consolidated order of different stock items to a selected delivery address. Some items may require personalisation and this can be configured through the portal. Stock quantities can be checked and top up orders placed all through an easy to navigate user interface.

Templated jobs

Where a client has regular mailings, they can provide us with multiple document templates to be set up on the Onyx portal. The client can then select the template they wish to  use and drop raw data into the portal. The file is then processed and error checked against pre defined fields and a complete set of proofs is created in real time for the client to view. They are also able to approve the proofs on line and this will then automatically create a works ticket that is processed and sent straight to our production environment. A job can be proofed and approved and submitted for production at any time of day and from any location with a secure web connection.

Job Tracking

The final element of the Onyx portal is the integration of job tracking into the client view. This enables clients to view a history of both current and historic jobs. Job status is clearly visible include date of hand over to Royal Mail. Each job can be interrogated for additional information such as number of records processed, first and last names, and the dates that each step of production was completed. This powerful and transparent job tracking system allows clients a real time window onto the production of their critical mailings. 

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