Outsource your desktop print and mail to our Clarity Mail service; reducing costs while increasing efficiency at the click of a button.

Clarity Mail


Clarity Mail from Integrity Connect has been designed to deliver an agile and responsive service for clients who are looking to outsource their desktop mail.

Any documents that are created on your desktop can be securely submitted through our encrypted file transfer process whether you are working from your office or at home.

Clarity Mail will then process, print and mail out any documents submitted by 5pm each day from our secure print and mail facility. Clients are able to access production printing rates and volume postal discounts due to the high volume of mail that we process each day.

There is no licence or contract, the service is delivered on a pay as you go basis, with clients sending a mix of single letters through to mail merge files of several thousand records.

All letters are barcoded and enclosed on automated mailing lines that track  each sheet of paper to ensure your letters are fulfilled with 100% accuracy.

The Clarity Mail service offers a response service that allows you to add in a postage paid Business Reply Envelope and we then scan and send you electronic copies of any responses we receive. Follow the link to  learn more about Clarity Response

Everything is backed up by simple and transparent month end billing, where we provide you with a usage report, showing which departments and individuals have used Clarity. This allows you to maintain a clear understanding of your print and post spend through the year.  Having this clear visibility of postal spend by department has allowed many of our clients to achieve additional cost savings -such as reducing the use of First Class post or converting documents to black only print.

We also work with our clients to maximise the impact of their outbound post. The majority of the charge you pay for the Clarity Mail service is to cover the cost of postage. However a letter can contain a 100gms of material before the postal costs increase. With Clarity it is very simple to produce inserts – additional sheets of paper that go into the envelope without increasing the cost of post. We encourage clients to take advantage of this to ensure they maximise the opportunity to communicate with their customers – whether it is adding in fact sheets, product information, promotional offers or Frequently Asked Questions, to ensure that their outbound mail is working effectively for them.

The Clarity Mail user guide provides a step by step guide to using the service and can be downloaded here Clarity Mail User Guide

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