February 16, 2022

The team at Integrity Connect recently welcomed representatives from Canon to our Midsomer Norton site to produce a short video case study demonstrating the excellent working partnership between the two companies. The resulting video can be viewed by clicking on the case study link.

Behind the Scenes

The idea of creating a case study had been discussed between Canon and Chris Walton, Managing Director of Integrity Connect for some weeks.  An outline of the content of the case study was created, giving Chris the opportunity to develop a narrative story and plan, and rehearse his answers to a number of prepared questions. Canon were using a professional freelance film maker and there was only a small window of opportunity for the onsite filming to take place, so it was critical to the success of the case study that all those involved were prepared and ready for action.

On Day One of the schedule, film maker Renato Guerro was on site at Integrity with a surprisingly large array of cameras, lights and make up. However there was no sign of Chris Walton or the project manager from Canon – Covid had struck and both were too ill to attend. But the show had to go on and replacements were needed with filming scheduled to begin at 9.30am. The Connect team convened a hasty meeting and it was decided that Sales and Marketing Director Andrew Law and Operations Director Dave Meredith would fill the void. The decision was made on the basis that Andrew had done a “bit of Am Dram years ago” and that Dave had been told by colleagues he had “the perfect face for radio” – and due to everybody else flatly refusing!

Some frantic rehearsing followed and the two reluctant stars had the great pleasure of standing in the middle of a busy sales office, having make up applied and then having to talk to camera in front of all their colleagues, who were busy pretending to work while stifling their amusement. It was an incredibly challenging process. Canon did their best to direct things remotely, joining the filming from Munich via Zoom to carry out the interview process.

Film maker Renato did an incredible job of coaching Andrew and Dave, encouraging them to be as natural as possible despite the daunting prospect of speaking into a camera while being the centre of attention. A full day’s filming was required to capture a few minutes of dialogue and it brought home to us all just how much attention to detail is required to capture a professional video.

A further day’s filming followed out on the factory floor to capture the Canon Colorstream and I300 in action.  The Connect team rose to the occasion,  as you can see in the video, with a number of our production colleagues showing a natural flair in front of the camera.

Overall it was a demanding couple of days but we were happy with the final result as it gives a good insight into the culture of the Integrity Connect team. Dave and Andrew stepped up to the plate admirably and Chris Walton didn’t escape completely from having to go on camera. He was invited to a Canon open forum in Munich a few weeks later and discovered this was being filmed too and Covid didn’t come to his rescue this time!