March 7, 2022

What is Clarity Mail?

Integrity Connect’s tailored hybrid mail platform, Clarity Mail, serves as a cutting-edge “desktop-to-print” solution, empowering organisations to effortlessly print and dispatch large volumes of letters with a simple click. Going beyond conventional hybrid mail, we have refined the process for enhanced customer ease. Clarity Mail facilitates the streamlined sending of mass documents and letters, ensuring efficiency.

Prioritising security, our platform employs robust encryption measures. Furthermore, all letters are barcoded and enclosed through automated mailing lines. These advanced lines possess the capability to individually track each sheet of paper, ensuring an impeccable 100% accuracy rate in fulfilling every letter.


How can Clarity Mail help my business?

Our talented marketing team have created a short animated video that explains how Clarity Mail  can support your business and staff in the new agile workplace. Take a look at the video below to learn more.

Additional Benefits

The video provides a straight forward overview of the Clarity Mail software and endeavours to answers some of the more common questions we get asked about getting started with service. In the narrative below we have gone into a little more detail around the cost of the service and how to maximise the benefits of using Clarity Mail.

Its worth stressing that Clarity is provided free to use – there is no contract to sign and no monthly or annual licence fee to pay. You don’t even need to commit to a minimum monthly spend so you can use the services as and when you need to. We will only charge you for the letters you send out, with no hidden costs or extra charges. You can even pay on 30 days terms if you have a credit account with us.

We are very happy to set you up on a trial basis to test out the software before you look to deploy the solution across your organisation. This has proven a very popular option with clients, as they are able to let internal users see how simple the service is to use and allows them to validate the savings we know that Clarity Mail can deliver. After a trial period it is then a straightforward process to add new departments and users to expand the Clarity service across your business.

Everything is backed up by simple and transparent month end billing, where we provide you with a usage report, showing which departments and individuals have used Clarity. This allows you to maintain a clear understanding of your print and post spend through the year.  Having this clear visibility of postal spend by department has allowed many of our clients to achieve additional cost savings -such as reducing the use of First Class post or converting documents to black only print.

We also work with our clients to maximise the impact of their outbound post. The majority of the charge you pay for the Clarity Mail service is to cover the cost of postage. However a letter can contain a 100gms of material before the postal costs increase. With Clarity it is very simple to produce inserts – additional sheets of paper that go into the envelope without increasing the cost of post. We encourage clients to take advantage of this to ensure they maximise the opportunity to communicate with their customers – whether it is adding in fact sheets, product information, promotional offers or Frequently Asked Questions, to ensure that their outbound mail is working effectively for them.

With the impact of lockdown and the rise of hybrid working we have seen a huge increase in the number of our clients using Clarity. We deliver extensive training through Teams calls and the over riding feedback we get is that the service is incredibly easy to use and why on earth haven’t they started using it before! So if you would like to see how Clarity Mail could deliver cost savings and improved staff efficiency we would be delighted to talk to you and set you up with a no obligation free trial.