January 9, 2023

How bespoke software solutions can help your business

As a business owner, you will be aware how difficult it can be to find the right software package off the shelf that meets all your business needs. Investing in a package that doesn’t ultimately improve your business processes or streamline customer interactions can be a costly and time consuming mistake. The alternative is to consider a bespoke software solution. A bespoke solution can be tailored so that it solves your specific challenges and delivers against your key objectives. It is important to consider a number of factors before making the decision to buy an off the shelf package or scope out a bespoke software solution. 


What is bespoke software?


Bespoke software is customised software that is developed specifically for a company or organisation after an initial consultation exercise. This software is used to streamline work processes and can be utilised in conjunction with existing company software. It will meet the needs of an individual business as opposed to the software packages that are developed for a mass market audience.


Bespoke software can range from a simple software package that streamlines your day to day tasks and gets jobs done automatically, to something more complex, such as a mobile app that can be customised and provide multiple opportunities for interactions between your company and your customers. 


What are the benefits of bespoke software for businesses?

  • Bespoke software is flexible and effective


Due to bespoke software being completely customised to your business needs, it is completely flexible and can always be upgraded to offer more capabilities. It is also flexible in terms of which sectors can use it, with solutions being developed for a wide range of applications across finance, housing, local government, healthcare, law and more.

  • Bespoke software allows you to have complete control over the functionality of the software


With bespoke software, you have complete control over the functionality of your system. This means that you can tailor it to suit your exact needs. You can add extra features like stock management or invoicing, remove unnecessary elements such as social media integration, or even create a solution that works in unison with another piece of software. Bespoke solutions allow you to get exactly what you need from a system without having to compromise on anything else.

  • Bespoke software can help your business grow


Bespoke software is a great option for all companies, including start-ups, that are looking to grow their business revenues. This can be especially helpful for businesses that are trying to find their niche in an industry by allowing you to focus on core features, such as functionality, and avoid paying for features that are not required. Bespoke software can be targeted purely at the areas you seek to improve, providing a unique software solution that caters  specifically to your needs.

  • Bespoke software can improve customer service


Bespoke software can be used to improve customer service, especially when paired with real-time updates from customers themselves. When customers submit requests through an online portal or via text message, these requests can then be fed directly into the system.

  • You own it


With a bespoke software solution, you own the software and any modifications made to it. You do not have to worry about a monthly fee or paying to unlock certain features. You can use it as much as you want without restriction.

  • Save time and money


Bespoke software is designed and built for your specific needs, and it is especially useful for businesses who need complex or customised features that aren’t available in off-the-shelf solutions. You’re able to take advantage of this technology to save both time and money as it will streamline your processes and lower human workload, all whilst avoiding human error and mistakes. Avoid repetitive tasks and save on paying someone to do them when they can be done automatically and free up time for your staff to do more important tasks.

  • Secure


As a business owner, you want to make sure that your data is safe and secure. You also want your software to be up-to-date, so that it can grow with your company. Bespoke software allows you to customise it, ensuring that it is fit for purpose and secure against cyber attacks. This can give you peace of mind in terms of future proofing and affordability.


Where to buy bespoke software


If you’re looking for a new way to approach software development, the bespoke solution might be right for you. It offers a range of benefits that can help your business grow and thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. By choosing a bespoke software over an off-the-shelf system, your company will benefit from a solution that offers great flexibility at a competitive price point . 

If you’re looking for well-designed bespoke software, you can contact us today and our expert team can guide you through the available options to streamline your business processes. We are a trusted partner to many of the UK leading organisations when it comes to managing their sensitive data, and we are able to provide professionally crafted bespoke software that uses your business data at its core to meet your specific client needs.