September 22, 2022

How E-Services Can Streamline Your Business Communications


Businesses are all in the midst of a digital transformation, if they have not done so already. Mobile apps, online shopping, social media and instant gratification are becoming more apparent and desired by the modern consumer. The new generation of consumer likes to be in control, always aware of what is happening and take advantage of omnichannel shopping with complete communication at a global level. Therefore, companies will need to adapt to new technologies to keep up with consumer’s changing preferences.


What are e-services?


E-services are electronic services which make use of information and communication technologies. These services are used to connect with large audiences at fast speeds, providing global reach to businesses. Our e-services include SMS, E-Mail and App Development. These are all utilised to build consumer loyalty and achieve new prospects through personalised, targeted and powerful communications.


SMS: Our SMS communications allow businesses to deliver content rich messaging which is easily optimised and configured with our outbound services. These are built around our Quadient Inspire document composition software. By utilising SMS communications you’re able to send messages such as offers and updates directly to your customers mobile devices, literally in the palm of their hand.


E-Mail: Email marketing has long been hailed as an effective marketing strategy, with lots of segmentation, profiling, targeting and personalisation available to ensure the right message gets through to the right customer. By using e-mail services you also get to gather data on your ideal customer profiles, gaining powerful insights for future campaigns. E-Mail is highly personalised and content rich, causing it to be a cost effective digital mailing solution that builds consumer loyalty and drives traffic to your website and other desired links.


App Development: Utilising apps is an efficient way to keep in touch with your customers, giving them a direct line to you via their mobile phones. Not just this, but we can help you to design an effective app that helps customers find the right products and services that they’re looking for, book appointments and generally make spending money with your business easier. These apps can gain valuable insights and feedback whilst providing your business with a competitive edge in the market. 


How e-services can improve your marketing


E-services can keep your business and marketing consistent. Consistency is a key component of building trust and loyalty with your customers. Providing your customer base with unexpected changes or sudden interruptions makes them more likely to leave you for a competitor. With e-services, you’re able to reach large audiences at selected times for maximum impact, keeping your marketing and messaging consistent, clear and targeted for segmented audiences.


Making your marketing personal helps to build a strong relationship with your customers. Using SMS, email and other forms of instant communication to reach them allows you to choose carefully selected audiences. By segmenting your audiences into selected groups, you’re able to personalise your content to really connect with that specific audience which increases engagement and consumer loyalty. Whilst gaining loyalty and engagement amongst current customers, you’re also attracting new prospects by showing them how much you care about their needs and shows you’ve spent time to make a personalised connection.


The benefits of e-services


E-services are an extremely effective tool that your business can use to expand to new customers, improve efficiency and streamline operations. They provide many advantages to your business, including:


1 Personalised content


With the use of segmented lists, you’re able to send e-service communications to specific audiences. By doing this, the content you send them will be personalised to their demographic and interests. There’s also factors such as A/B testing that can be utilised to improve your future customer communications. Customers who receive personalised and rich content can build a faster relationship with brands, and it can build loyalty. 


2 Collecting valuable data


Keeping insight on the customer experience can prove to be valuable and rewarding, you want customers to continue to stay engaged with your brand. With e-services, you’re able to gather insights from satisfaction surveys and customer feedback, which can help you set the path of future business growth and changes.


3 Boosting sales


E-service communications are able to feature products and services, which encourage customers to purchase, even if they’ve abandoned their cart. Entice customers with value, such as special offers. With e-mails, your customers have already opted-in to your messages and updates, so you’re able to reach interested customers at an instant to boost your sales.


4 Generating traffic


With content rich e-service communications, you’ll send traffic to your site and social media channels with the use of links and targeted content. E-mails and SMS are able to contain links at an instant, allowing customers to travel between your communication and your site. Apps are able to provide notifications, which can then alert customers to your content and then generate increased sales through there.


5 Cost–effective 


E-services can be a lot more cost-effective than traditional means of communication. There is no need for print, and campaigns for e-services such as e-mail or sms can be produced faster and cheaper by fewer people. 


6 Communicating with your audience


E-services allow for content rich communications with your audience. By using segmented customer lists, you’re able to connect with certain audiences and provide them with personalised and targeted communications that help build relationships and boost sales. By communicating with your audience efficiently and effectively, you’re providing more value.


7 Time efficient


Traditional marketing campaigns take time, and can sometimes take months to plan. With e-services, you’re able to send out campaigns or communicate much more quickly. This ensures your audience sees the content at the right time, especially through e-mail and SMS. 


8 Competitive edge


Businesses that offer e-services have a competitive edge over those that do not. Due to the convenience they provide to the consumer and the relationships you build when using e-services, it creates a connection between the customer and the brand. With e-services such as apps, you’re able to provide instant gratification to customers which can put you at an edge to your competitors.




It is clear that e-services are beneficial for businesses of all sizes and types. While it may be a leap to implement e-services into your business, the benefits outweigh any potential drawbacks in any sector. With the rise of technology and customers’ needs changing, brands will need to adapt their communication strategies to become more instant, personalised and content rich. If you’re looking for more information about how Integrity can help incorporate e-services into your company, get in contact with us today.