November 27, 2023

Latest posting dates with postal services UK

As the holiday season unfolds, time is of the essence for ensuring that your Christmas greetings and gifts reach their destinations on time. Mark your calendars as Monday, December 18th, stands as the final day to post mail using the 2nd class postal service, guaranteeing timely delivery for the festive celebrations. If you opt for a faster delivery with 1st class, make a note that Wednesday, December 20th, is the last opportunity to send your mail and packages to ensure they reach their destinations before Christmas Day. Beat the clock and make the most of these deadlines to spread joy and warmth to your loved ones through the magic of holiday mail.

  • Second Class mail, including signed-for: Monday 18 December
  • First Class mail, including signed-for: Wednesday 20 December
  • Special Delivery Guaranteed: Thursday 21 December

If you intend to send gifts or cards overseas, the last posting dates before Christmas differ based on the route and service of your choice. For the International Economy service, the final posting dates span from October 2nd to November 27th. Meanwhile, with the International Standard service, the dates extend into early December, with the last posting date for items to arrive before Christmas being Monday, December 11th.


Latest posting dates with courier services UK

Even though couriers like DHL, DPD, Evri, and GLS usually pick up and deliver packages until Christmas Eve, it’s wise not to wait until the last shipping date before Christmas. Express shipping in Europe typically takes 24 hours, and international deliveries take about 72 hours. However, delays can happen during the holiday season. That’s why couriers set earlier last shipping dates for Christmas to ensure timely deliveries.

Evri within the UK:

  • Courier collection: Tuesday 19 December
  • ParcelShop: Wednesday 20 December by 12.00
  • ParcelShop Next Day: Thursday 21 December by 12.00


  • Express service: 20 December
  • Recommended date: 15 December 


  • Within the UK: Wednesday 20 December
  • UK to Ireland: Tuesday 19 December
  • Ireland to UK: Tuesday 19 December


  • Within the UK: Wednesday 20 December
  • UK to Ireland: Friday 15 December
  • Within Ireland: Wednesday 20 December


When to send your Christmas emails

Timing is paramount when planning to send your Christmas email, especially considering the desire to reach employees before they break for the festive season. Aim to dispatch your email during the early part of December, ideally within the first two weeks. This window allows you to capture the attention of your audience before the holiday rush begins and ensures that your message doesn’t get lost amidst the year-end chaos. 

Sending the email in this timeframe enables your recipients to engage with your festive communication and absorb the holiday spirit while they are still fully immersed in their work routine. By strategically aligning your email with the pre-holiday period, you maximise the likelihood that your message will be seen and appreciated before employees embark on their well-deserved Christmas break.


Tips on how to prevent Christmas post delays

Make sure your Christmas mail gets there on time by planning ahead. Keep in mind the recommended posting deadlines from postal services to avoid last-minute rushes, giving your packages and cards enough time to reach their destinations. Think about using faster or tracked shipping services for better visibility and a higher chance of timely delivery.

Check addresses carefully to avoid delays. Small address mistakes can cause significant issues, especially during the busy holiday season. Clearly label packages and cards with both the recipient’s and sender’s addresses. Strengthen the packaging to protect contents and minimise the risk of damage during transit, preventing unexpected delays.

Finally, use online tools from postal companies to track your shipments in real-time. This helps you stay updated on your Christmas post’s progress and take quick action if any problems come up. Being proactive, organised, and paying attention to details helps decrease the chances of delays, ensuring a smoother and more dependable delivery experience during the festive season.