September 5, 2022

Our New Website


We are pleased to announce the expansion of our website!


We have taken into consideration that the customer journey within websites is vital, and we want to allow our clients to navigate through our website efficiently and effectively. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the expansion of the Integrity Connect website. This update features further information about our individual service offerings, delving deeper into the bespoke options that we provide for our clients. We have also featured a sectors section where our clients are able to view the appropriate benefits we can provide for the specific industry they are in. We have introduced new sections to help guide you towards the potential opportunities we can unlock for your business, making it easier to find the service you are after. Information is key, and by providing more insight into how we can help you take control of your communications, we hope to benefit you and your business.


The highlights of our new website


The highlighted updates for our new website include:


  • Brand new sector specific content to allow users to see core services that would be ideal for their business within a certain sector. This saves our users time searching through a myriad of services and directs them to the ones that are most popular for their industry.


  • Our new product pages provide more in-depth analysis regarding what we offer with our products and services. These pages provide insight for our clients and customers to really understand what they can benefit from, whether it’s mailing solutions or bespoke online services.


We aim to continually improve our website, as well as our customer experience. As we grow, so will our website. Customer experience is important to us, as we want you to gain the most insight as possible into what we can offer to streamline your business operations.


Customer experience


With a streamlined customer experience, prospects are able to navigate our website more easily, providing a smoother and more insightful experience. Therefore, we have not only decided to add more pages onto our website to provide further information, but we have also made the content more logical and accessible. 


The benefits of a better customer experience


Understanding the customer journey and improving our customer experience doesn’t only benefit us as a company but also benefits our customers. Our aim was to provide much more insight for our customers and to deliver a better customer journey and experience. These benefits are:


  1. Gain a uniform view of our customer’s journey
  2. Create a smoother experience
  3. Increase customer engagement
  4. Improve customer satisfaction


Sectors and services


At Integrity Connect we have worked with numerous sectors and provided excellent services to streamline communications in a variety of industries. We have decided to add new sector pages to show our customers the potential we can unlock in their specific sector. The sectors we have added are:


We have also expanded the information available on our range of services, as we are able to provide an abundance of experience and case studies across our product range. From physical and digital mailings to our bespoke software and app development services, we want you to stay informed on how we are able to elevate your communications. The new service pages we have added cover:


What’s next?


As technology continues to advance we’ll naturally look to keep up with the most modern and efficient ways to allow our customers to communicate with their target audience. In the future we shall look at new ways to streamline process, creating APIs to link with client systems and introduce even more platforms to our offering. We also have a structured plan to become net-zero, with targets now in place to reduce our carbon footprint! As Integrity Connect continues to grow, we’ll ensure we do the best we can to support our customers. We are excited to share our future with you. Stay up to date with our updates through our blog posts!


To find out more about our offering and how we can help your business, feel free to get in touch with us.