Print, email or sms – our Outbound service is all about delivering the right message at the right time through the right channel. 

It is no longer enough to talk to your audience only through one medium. You need to work with a partner that can provide scalable solutions, delivering your message seamlessly across different communication channels.

Mailing with Integrity




Our outbound services are built around our Quadient Inspire document composition software, that enable us to create highly personalised, content rich, communications that are easily configured and optimised to be delivered through a variety of channels.

We engage with clients to ensure that their campaigns reach the widest audience, using the channel of customer choice to ensure messages are delivered effectively while maintaining consistent branding and tone of voice.

Integrity Connect work with  clients who operate in highly regulated environments so our outbound systems are designed to be fully auditable to ensure we deliver absolute peace of mind when handling data.

Traditional printed documents still play a big part in our Outbound service and we have invested in the latest variable colour inkjet printing technology to ensure that we can offer both an efficient and economic service coupled with great flexibility. Personalisation is key to connecting with your audience and our fully variable print solutions enable us to deliver highly targeted messaging that fully support and complement multi channel campaigns.

Mail is processed through our highly secure ISO27001 site to ensure compliance with GDPR regulations. Integrity Connect have invested in automated enclosing lines that provide 100% mail pack accuracy, with each item being barcoded, read and matched throughout the production process, enabling us to provide clients with full audit reports.

In house postal sortation allows us to sort the mail to localised geographical selections prior to hand over to Royal Mail, speeding our mail through the delivery process and accessing high levels of postal discounting that we can pass on to our clients.






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